Sunday, October 31, 2010

Patchwork baby quilt

A very good friend of mine had a beautiful baby girl, 2 years ago now, hard to believe. I had just started learning how to patchwork and so decided that my first quilt project would be for her little girl, Kerry.

You will see from the photo that it looks like it would be more suited to a little boy but I was working with fabric I had in stock and I have the feeling little Kerry will be a bit of a Tom-boy anyway so went with it!

Strictly speaking I think its a blanket rather than a "quilt" as I did not put any layer of wadding in it. I backed it in a baby blue fleece/flannel that's super soft and cosy. I turned in the edge of the fleece and used it as the binding, which worked well and gives it a cosy edge against her little face.

She has long since outgrown it and I have just finished a cot bed size quilt for her, which I also LOVE and will post patterns and images for it later. Stay tuned!

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