Saturday, March 5, 2011

Pink Anyone?

Little girls need warm and cuddly pink things and so my mate asked me to create a quilt for her friends new arrival. Having just 2 evenings to get it done I opted for a basic square within a square pattern - which actually turned out really well, cute as!

I had picked up a sweet little strawberry patterned cotton a few months back and this was my chance to go really cute and girly and use it with some block pink and green. I picked up some really lush thick pink fleece for the backing and used cotton wadding as the filler.
In the end I did very little actual "quilting" stitch on the finished quilt as the pick fleece proved difficult to work with. It was VERY soft and the thread just kept disappearing down into it! Very hard to avoid pinches in the fabric etc. But I got there in the end!

Instead I put my "trademark" love heart on the quilt back but centered it in one of the patchwork blocks so that the heart shape actually created a quilted pattern on the the front of the block.

In the end I was happy my mate was happy and baby was happy so it all worked out. This was my fastest quilt project yet taking just under 6 hours and I loved every minute of it! Raise your glasses to PINK everyone! He He!

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